outdoor decking   IPE'S strong, tough resilient properties make it an excellent material and increasingly popular choice for commercial/residential decking and outdoor furniture. It is prized for its stability, durability, strength and natural resistance to decay, wet conditions, and infestation by termites and borers. It is available in long lengths and relatively easy to season. IPE has a Class A fire rating, the same rating given to concrete and steel.

IPE's heartwood is olive brown to black and usually features striping. The sapwood is much lighter, usually white or yellow. It's extreme density makes it difficult to cut and plane. High quality Carbide tipped blades are recommended when cutting. Pre-drilling is highly recommended when surface fastening to minimize

Technical Specification :
Thickness : 20 mm
Width : 90/100 mm
Length : From 1 mt uptp 3 mts
Weight - lb's /cu.ft : 69 - 75
Gravity : 1.06
Hardness -psi : 3,180